The Japanese Art of Self Defence

We teach traditional aikido but incorporate aspects of some other martial arts to enhance its effectiveness in real life situations. Traditional aikido relies heavily on movement and blending to counter an attack rather than forceful blocks punches and kicks. It does not require extreme fitness or flexibility. As a result we can train with a large range of people, tall, short, stout, slim, male and female.

Tuesday evenings 8.00pm till 9.30pm in Dojo
Friday Evenings 8.00pm till 9.30pm in Room 4
Tuesday & Friday lessons are open to all

Pay as you train, £10 per lesson, no monthly fees, no contracts. ( SORRY OVER 18s ONLY)


Sensei Scott Lacey 5th Dan
Sensei Stuart Greenstreet 3rd Dan
Sensei Jesus Quintana 2nd Dan